LED Video Wall

LED Video Wall

LED Video Wall -700x350

Our LED screens are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and still look clear under bright stage light or in direct sunlight. Our walls are modular which means they are created from smaller segments which when built together can meet any size requirement.

Depending on what effect you are trying to create and the size of the venue we have a variety of methods for installing our screens which could see the use of ground support systems, truss flown or stage mounted.  We have configured the screens in any array of shapes and sizes, constantly challenging ourselves to offer visually stimulating solutions to capture your audiences attentions.

We currently have on stock fifty 64cm2 panels of 20mm pixel pitch, and 54 panels of 60cm2 6mm pixel pitch.

Our video wall control systems have full brightness control, are IP65 Rated and suitable for both daylight and dark use.  The control units accept most video inputs including HDMI, BNC, S-Video, Composite Video, Phono, VGA, DVI, and also have 3 preview visual screens with mixer and a Denon DVD player.  The Video Walls require a minimum power of 32/3 Phase, all distribution and Cables are supplied with the wall, however should you need additional power we can provide this.

To complement the video wall we can supply a camera crew for live video feed, we have access to an editing studio to ensure that all the greatest moments are captured from your event to use as promotional material or just to sit back in years to come and reminisce to the power and calibre of the occasion.  Haven’t got graphics or need your old ones updated, no worries we can sort that for you.



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