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You need your audience to be able to hear you, or how will they heed your message!  We understand the power of sound, from empowering a small conference room, through to audiences of thousands; we can support your needs.  Whether it be volume or clarity, creating delays to ensure those at the back feel like they are front row, we will make sure you are heard.  Unfortunately we can’t display the power of our sound thorough your speakers, but we would be delighted for you to come site to test the decibels.

We stock a large range of Sound Equipment including point-source and line-array systems in both ground-stacked and flown configurations.

We can also provide everything from an XLR cable to monitor systems, the latest digital mixing desks as well as analog options depending on your preference.  Our systems are suitable for all types of events including nightclubs, concerts, theatre productions, festivals, tours, or your local bar, we’ve got you covered!

UK Events Group can supply Wired and Wireless Microphones both handheld or with stands.  We can also offer DJ equipment including CDJs and mixers.





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